What wine with what dish?

How to choose a wine for a particular event?

How to organise a wine tasting to entertain your friends?

How to consolidate your teams, teambuilding?



So many questions remain unanswered despite the numerous publications available and your obvious interest in wine.

Serge Dahan will unveil the subtleties of wine appreciation to the novice and aficionado who want a pleasant and thorough understanding of wine.

He will lead you into the magical world of wine domains, their secrets and hidden treasures.

Serge Dahan will describe the wine’s personality, decipher the aromas, and its aging potential.

Serge Dahan graduated from the I.T.H.Q. (Institut de Tourisme et d”Hôtellerie du Québec) in sommellerie. He has over twenty years experience working in fine dining restaurants. He has had training in several renowned vineyards across France.

A member of the CAPS (The Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers), he has been entrusted by the I.T.H.Q. to train the staff of many establishments in service and sommellerie.